Mission Outreach

Through our mission outreach program, we are able to spread the Good News of Christ throughout the world, to those who would otherwise not hear it. 

Mission Trip - 2023

Mike Hinrichs joined Billy McVey, Craig Hinrichs and Lafayette Gaither for their annual mission trip February 28-March 16. Our journey took us to the Capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname and into the jungle regions of Powakka and Apoera. During our campaign for Christ, we taught Bible classes throughout the day then met with the local churches to encourage the Christians who live in the “bush”. Life is hard for them and travel is very difficult. Although Powakka and Apoera are only 250- 300 miles apart (They speak in Kilometers and indefinite guestimates at best!), it took 15 hours to make the trip because of the horrible conditions of the dirt road. The trip was productive with 8 baptisms and the blessing of seeing brothers and sisters in the Lord who we have known for two decades. It is also a great reminder of how materially blessed we are in the U.S., but we must never forget the more important spiritual blessings that come only from the Lord no matter where we live.

Church group we met with in Powakk, Suriname.

This is the team. Two locals on each end and left to right: Billy McVey, Mike Hinrichs, Craig Hinrichs, and Lafayette Gaither.

Baptisms are a far cry from the comfort of an indoor, warmed baptistry! Eight precious souls were baptized during our mission effort.

This is the church building where we met in Apoera, Suriname. It was a 15-hour van ride on a rough dirt road from Powakka to Apoera.

Conducting Bible studies with the locals was our primary task. Most are conducted outdoors as this one was.

Billy McVey shares the word of God in Apoera. We met each night while we were there.

Another look at the creek where we baptized in Powakka.

During our brief time in the capital city of Paramaribo, we had an opportunity to share the word of God with a young lady who chose to be baptized. It was done by the local preacher who baptized her in a motel swimming pool. That's the city compared with the jungle!

One of our friends in Powakka celebrating his favorite part of our visit; beef jerky from the U.S.!